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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Found In Comments

Source: LowIQBlog

In the illegal immigration debate, the priori of pro-illegal folk is that illegal aliens simply wish to be Americans.  Is this true, that's the question I keep asking, here are the types of answers I keep finding...
This is one case in millions, no doubt. One more injustice to add to the HUGE list. What people like this fellow who left the tasteless and heartless comment don't get (just yet, but it will hit them at some point) is that every day there's more and more of us and in a few decades white bigots will be in the minority. Como dice mi madre: we're slowly but surely getting our land back, and then some.
Yep, the fact that Mexicans reproduce in shockingly high numbers? Nothing to worry about folks, just keep moving along, nothing to see here.
Stories like this one add fuel to my fire. Plan to see me in the next 10-15 years I will be playing hard ball with the white boys in Congress, as a Senator. :) I will do this for my culture.
"For my culture?" How much you want to bet that little ray of sunshine here isn't talking about American culture? Nope, our deranged Hispanic commentor just gave the game away. Perhaps it's time to ask Hispanic representatives to take an loyalty oath?

Just imagine for a moment if I said I will run for congress for the sole purpose of paying back those sons of bitching Hispanics, I will dedicate my life to seeing them put down and treated like dirt. Would that be okay? No? Because I'm white?

Then my friend, you are not merely a retard, you are a bigoted retard to boot. I am genuinely concerned that we are letting in an unending flow of tremendously stupid people into this country, people unable to consider any scenario unless it plays through the lens of their genitals or skin color. People of such unrelentingly low IQ they pose a danger to the future of this republic.

No, I'm not kidding.

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