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Saturday, August 19, 2006

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Source: Change Of Subject
As a legal immigrant to this country I find it very offensive that the government is even considering allowing illegal immigrants to remain legally in this country.
I have lived and worked here for 12 years with my family, all born in England, and paid my taxes and social security. We have never broken any laws and my daughter has even served this country in the Army National Guard for the past 7 years, spending a year in Iraq. We had to wait for 4 years to get our greencards, while the government changed the rules, we paid all the fees for green cards for all our family and now we are paying the fees to become American citizens.
What has this women done to deserve to stay here? As I understand it, it takes more than just being born in a country to make you a citizen, one of your parents needs to be a citizen of that country. As a legal immigrant I have to live here for 5 years without breaking the law to become a citizen, this women has shown at least twice that she has no problem with breaking the law! Why should she be rewarded when those of us who enter this country legally have to live by a higher set of rules?
Tell me again that legal immigrants support illegals, no really.



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