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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Massachusetts Iraqi Vets Denied Tuition Waivers While Illegal Aliens Receive In-State Tuition Benefits

Source: Digger's Realm
Army and Air National Guard soldiers expecting to be rewarded for their war duty under Gov. Mitt Romney’s “Welcome Home” bill found the welcome mat ripped out last week by the Legislature as it ended its formal session without approving money for the waivers.

“I went and fought in Iraq. I shouldn’t have to worry about tuition. I should be able to go wherever I want.” [said David Cowing, 23, of Rockland]

Lashing out at the “wrong priorities” of lawmakers, Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey said, “The Legislature has made the appalling decision to vote on things like tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, but they couldn’t take the time to take a vote to help our Massachusetts war heroes . . . I find it deeply disturbing.”
Very nice. reward criminals with tuition breaks and screw returning service men and women. This is one of the sickest things I've ever personally had the misfortune of reading.

Massachusetts? You should be ashamed, deeply ashamed.

Does blue now = stupid?

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