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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Show prep 081506: It's About Damn Time!

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English!

Coming at ya live from the occupied heart of mid-western Atzlan from 12-3 Central time.

Tune in here.

If you have any problems with that player, try the non Java player here.

Steve Centanni update

In a democracy, culture matters?

Is Britain finally throwing off their self imposed Dhimmi status?

Melanie Phillips on the next steps.

Islam = Nazism, with cites!

Thank you Congressman Murtha

Idiot Christians?

If California knew how many were dropping out of high school, that # would be 50-87%

Minuteman attacked in California by scum of the earth.

Low wage labor "in great demand" in US

And as always...

Your moment of Atzlan

Patriotic music: Luca Zanna

Jake's blog pick O'the week: LoneWacko



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