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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Piss-Poor Study Finds No Effect of Immigration on Employment

The blog "Your Lying Eyes" deconstructs the new NON-PARTISAN Pew Hispanic Center "study" suggesting that overwhelming, mass illegal immigration is just peachy keen.  No really folks, nothing to worry about here, if our good friends at the NON-PARTISAN Pew HISPANIC Center say it, you know it's the gospel truth.

No, really.

Except, oops, it turns out their eyes are a dreamy shade of brown, yeah, sorry about that.

Your Lying Eyes has the lowdown.

Of course the idiot lefties at Cwech blug (aren't they cute?  In a slightly retarded, ain't this a shiny helmet sort of way) have to chime in with a spot on "Baghdad Bob" moment here. (Make sure to check out the comments to watch said cluebat being applied liberally to above mentioned swollen craniums) Uh, to my good friends at the Cwech blug...Here's a freaking cluebat, after applying liberally to your swollen craniums read this.

Where has the pro-labor left gone?  Are they all dead?  Why do leftists gleefully watch American wages shrinking and American workers being displaced from the workforce with what appears to be an utterly self-contented sneer?

Do they hate American workers?  America?  If not these then what?

And what of labor level Democrats?  Do they support mass illegal and legal immigration that lays at the heart of destroying the American dream?  Why? How?  Much like idiot (R)'s who think that the importation of hard core leftists from abroad (I'm looking at you mr. President, nice helmet by the way) will somehow magically transform into little Newt Gingrich's by the simple act of stepping onto American soil and purchasing two dollar Tickle me Elmo dolls at China mart.

Uh-huh, could happen, right about the same time Paris Hilton wins the Nobel Peace Prize! (you know what? never mind on that analogy, with a mouth that talented?  she's a shoo-in!)

H/T Vdare

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