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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Source: yahoonews
Man picks wrong spot when nature calls

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Sometimes when nature calls, there's no time to delay, but a Kentucky man sure picked the wrong spot for a pit stop.

Michael Ray Hunter, 37, found out Wednesday night that the parking lot of the West Virginia State Police headquarters in South Charleston isn't the right spot.

Trooper J.S. Crane just happened to be walking nearby as Hunter was relieving himself.

As Crane approached, he smelled alcohol. That discovery led Crane to the truck where Hunter's friend, James Alan Richardson, 40, was checking phone messages.

During a search of the pickup, Crane and another trooper found a marijuana pipe and pills for which Richardson had no prescription.

Both men were arrested for public intoxication. Hunter also is charged with indecent exposure and Richardson is charged with possessing controlled substances.
I think this a shining example of why America needs drunk drivers. To create goofy ass stories that I will link to, and to prove that drunken idiocy never truly falls out of fashion*.

Rock on dude!

*all statements that might indicate I find drunk driving charming?  Um, no, on the stupid scale it clocks in astonishingly near the levels posted by leftards hoisting large paper-mache heads that somehow "speak truthyness to power."

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