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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Slow Posting

I know we've been somewhat remiss in our posting lately.  We have a certain amount we like to do every day and we haven't hit that level for a couple of weeks.  Some of the more obvious excuses revolve around just how much work goes into starting to do a radio show.

Also, we've known since last summer that the inner walls of our apartment resemble some sort of slimy science experiment.  They are simply chock-a-block full of mold, mold in which our landlord refuses to believe.  As a consequence as soon as it heated up this summer and the humidity kicked in we have been feeling like crap due to the airborne ingestion of millions of little buggers into our lungs.  In case you weren't sure, yes, this sucks.

All is not lost though, we will be moving in a couple of weeks and are looking forward to a mold free envronment, and frankly to feeling a bit better.  Our symptoms have included lethargy, upper respiratory dryness and coughing, and just a general sense of malaise.

All that to say, another reason posting has been a bit slower, does it seem to anyone else as though this is the deep breath before the plunge?  You know that suspenseful moment when the roller coaster car hangs suspended at the crest of a big drop?

That's how things feel to me at this moment in the illegal immigration debate.  A lot of the stories I'm seeing right now are fairly repetitive, another town emulates Hazelton, Minutemen beat up, again (yawn), The best people in the world (iliegals) are being treated unfairly, etc ad nauseum.

Are any of you feeling the same thing?  As though we're in a moment of stasis?  What do you think will follow this pregnant pause?  What do you think is coming next?

On a sad note, we attended a Minuteman rally here today, and I was accosted by a pro-illegal fart sniffer (please contain your shock), I caught the whole thing on video, but sadly, the disk became damaged somehow and the video is unusable.  We have pictures we will post tomorrow, but it's not quite the same as seeing this 73 lb. Hispanic banty rooster come charging over, jam the camera into my eye and demand that "I stop feelming heir."

Anywhoo, if you think we're in a moment of tension as well let me know what you think is going on.



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