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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Show Prep 080906: A True Conservative?

It appears my show earlier this week calling into question whether someone could be a conservative and support amnesty hit a nerve, as it was supposed to.  Today we're going to take a look at how amnesty supporting conservatives defend the indefensible.

"If you're a conservative who supports amnesty, you're a fool and a coward and you're not a conservative"

Step 1.) Mockery:

Turns out, this bag-o-nuts is from Chicago. I can say that, because according to him, I'm not a 'real conservative' because I'm not stockpiling my weapons for the upcoming Viva La Mexico revolution here in the states.

Jake's take: This is a move right out of the Communist handbook. No argument? No problem, just
mock, it's very difficult to refute mockery.

Analysis: A true conservative wouldn't do this

Step 2.) Unsupported Assertions:

Apparently he thinks we should build a wall. Despite the fact that a wall would be woefully ineffective for our needs, but what the fuck does ol' Jake care about our needs. He's fighting Mexicans.

Jake's take: Other than the fact that a wall has been shown to be highly effective everywhere it's been employed, but other than that...

Analysis: By never defining what those alleged "needs" might be he leaves it open to interpretation. And of course the racism slur, all true conservatives do that, just ask GWB.

Step 3.) Refutation Of Fact By Opinion:

He went on and on...about the disease brought by illegals, about how illegals are raping women and children, about how they're taking up jobs

Jake's take: Every story I read came from a newspaper article, though listening to this screed you would be forgiven for thinking I was just pulling this out of my ass.

Analysis: When you don't have a case to make, you can't make a case. These are positions conservatives should never take

Step 4.) Ad Hominem Attacks

This might expose a certain hate for the fact that Jakey isn't exactly where he wants to be on the ol' road of life. And that would make sense, given his complete lack of logic in looking at the immigration issue.

Jake's take: Without knowing me in any way shape or form he deduces that I am a failure in life, simply because I do not agree with him.

Analysis: Considering our president's name calling on this issue (Minutemen=vigilante's) this is clearly a conservative move.

Step 5.) Attacks On Family Members:

I don't want to be mean here, but oh well, I am. I may not be real conservative enough to be married to a broad who's working on defense of her title as the Sinead O'connor look alike and I sure just may be a third generation American, but a drunk stupid Pollock I ain't.

Jake's take: Here's where our interlocutor comes a little more into focus. Not content with denigrating me, he takes after my wife's physical appearance.

Analysis: ...?

Step 6.) Exulting In Treating Illegal Immigrants Poorly

I'm not asking for compassion. I say, work'em hard and pay'em shit. Just like my ancestors. Just like Jake's ancestors. The benefit to us are better consumer prices. The benefit to them is a better way of life for their family. If advocating the exploitation of a willing population for their gain and ours makes me any less of a conservative to the wingnuts like Jake, so be it.

Jake's take: This is a curious phenomenon I have noticed in the pro-illegal camp. As if suggesting that poor treatment of said illegal immigrants magically undoes the fact of their status, also, see: slaves

Step 7.) Suggesting America's Very Survival Hinges On Illegal Immigration:

Mexicans have become a cornerstone of how this country survives. But don't expect ol' Jake to talk about that. He's too busy shittin' his skivvies over the drug industry, as though there's some reason why our economy is worth sacrificing to keep some drugs out.

Jake's take: At bottom people like this like the idea of a serf class attending their every need. Hence calling them on this brings forth the rage of the questioned slave owner.

Analysis: Americans fought long and hard for decent pay and working conditions, this guy hates that.

Step 8.) Hysterical Prognostication:

I notice after searching through his site, that never does he ever actually describe a post-illegal exodus US economy. Oh Jake, what would happen, if you were to kick'em all out and feed'em a ham sandwich? Just how would that effect our lives? Would it cost more money to stay at a hotel? Or to buy produce? Or to go out to dinner?

Jake's take: This is so easy to rebut it's almost embarrasing. Gee pointdexter, did you pay a million dollars for a steak of a hotel room in the eighties before illegal immigration grew into the many headed hydra it is today?

Analysis: Does America's very survival hinge on an unending flood of high school drop outs?

Step 8 1/2.) Accusations of cowardice

I don't think Jake would actually have the balls to do that. He might get a disease. Heh.

Jake's take: Of course our budding genius doesn't know I live in a rough, primarily Hispanic neighborhood currently.

Analysis: this sort of taunting, along with being rather immature, shows the level of the debate. Since he has not a shred of fact he will physically challenge me.

Step 9.) Accusations Of Racism:

Finally, he makes the accusation that "those damn Mexycans are stealing the American dream". Last time I checked the American dream was coming to a place with opportunity from a place that has none. Because 'dem brown folks' are coming in and taking up some of his air, apparently that qualifies as 'stealing his dream'.

Jake's take: This is my favorite ploy. When in doubt, call racism, an effective tool of the left.

Final analysis: Our boy here considers himself a conservative without having the foggiest notion of what the means or requires, he has employed a variety of leftist tactics to shut me down, without ever once rousing himself enough to actually refute what I'm saying with facts.

Nope, bright boy is a hard core leftist. And I wonder just how many others who hide under the conservative banner are of the same ilk?

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