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Monday, August 07, 2006

How Sad Is This?

Source: haaretz
U.S. Jews on 'heightened alert' as crisis escalates

BALTIMORE - Last Thursday, in the midst of a heat wave, the tranquility of the city's Jewish community and its institutions was shattered by a single beer bottle, which was filled with rags and gasoline and then thrown at a side door of Joseph Meyerhoff Library. Baltimore Hebrew University was awakened from its summer slumber by the sound of the bottle breaking on the metal door of the library and the police sirens that followed. The library sustained very minor damage, estimated at about $200.

Gil Kleiner, executive director of the Conservative synagogue Beth El Congregation of Baltimore told Haaretz before the Sabbath that Shabbat prayers would take place in a state of "heightened alert," *snip*

Still, the firebomb came just one week after the assault on Jewish Federation offices on the other side of the continent, in Seattle. Pam Waechter was killed and several people were injured when Naveed Afzal Haq, a Muslim-American with a history of mental illness, opened fire on them. Since then, there have been other disturbing incidents: an incendiary bottle was thrown in Queens and vandalism was reported in Brooklyn, Miami and Chicago. Arab-Americans demonstrating in Detroit carried effigies of Hassan Nasrallah on their shoulders, and the FBI said that security must be heightened in the area.
I believe the technical term would be..."Borrowing trouble."

And how nice that our president and the utterly insane machine of state is set to "import savages" mode. We are rapidly approaching the time of needing to ask our Muslim population to leave. Anybody care to make a wager with me when that might be?

H/T Michelle Malkin

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