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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Bit Of Prophecy And A Question


Stories like this have become somewhat ubiquitous over the last couple of months...
DES MOINES, Iowa Jim Nussle has announced a hard-line immigration package in the governor's race, saying he will have "zero tolerance" for illegal immigrants. The Iowa congressman's proposal features a "seize and deport" plan -- ousting illegal immigrants as soon as they are arrested. Nussle also says he'd ensure that a law making English the state's official language would stay on the books. And, he says he'd toughen ballot security measures, requiring identification and proof of citizenship before residents could vote. Nussle faces Democrat Chet Culver in November. Culver spokesman Taylor West says illegal immigration has become such a problem because Nussle and the Republican leadership in Washington have refused to enforce current immigration laws and have shortchanged border security.
Colorado and Georgia have just passed fairly stringent anti-illegal immigration laws and this appears to be the coming thing with over 550 pieces of similar legislation wending their ways through local and state legislatures.

Here's my prediction. I think we're going to see laws of this ilk sweep across the country. More precisely, I think we're going to see laws like this cover the red state map and a bit of the blue as well. Where we won't see these laws are in large sanctuary cities (LA, NY, Chicago) along with smaller burgs that have been taken over by illegals (Maywood & Southgate CA. et al.).

So illegal immigrants will be hounded and harried out of about 95% of the country. Quite a few will return to Mexico and points beyond, a large number will also migrate to the sanctuary cities. So, illegals will in essence be confined to certain blue parts of our electoral map.

Illinois is a good example of how I think this will work in finer detail. As soon as you leave the city limits the state turns remarkably red, though of course a big city like Chicago or New York has an enormous influence on the rest of the state. But, when it comes to the crunch both NY state and Illinois are fairly conservative states.

So in essence, should these laws all pass and be found constitutional, I believe the illegals will be compressed into smaller and smaller areas. Primarily big cities. Over dinner tonight we were ruminating about what an influx of a couple million more illegals might look like here, where we have no current shortage.

So my question to you is this: what happens then?

I believe a large number of illegals will self deport, I also believe a large number will stay no matter what, inevitably fleeing to those places that have already succumbed to the invasion increasing their already bloated population share. What then? What happens next?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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