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Friday, September 29, 2006

Bridget Johnson Attends A Pro Illegal Protest In LA

We last saw Bridget when she attended the SOS Maywood

Today she brings us coverage of a pro-illegal rally, "the Century City cop-a-squat."
"It was billed as the biggest act of civil disobedience in Los Angeles history — rivaled only by Californians’ defiant use of appliances during peak hours back in the days of the energy crisis.

In reality, it was street theater in three acts with a confusing plotline. Thursday’s march encouraged unionization of hotel workers at the Hilton near Los Angeles International Airport, coupled with a call for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Or, to put it plainly, unions demanded higher wages for workers, while throwing their weight behind an immigration movement that drives wages down. And all the while thinking that shutting down Century Boulevard into LAX during evening rush hour would endear Angelenos to their cause.
Read the whole thing plus more

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