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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Illegal Freeloaders Steal Healthcare

Source: KGBT4 News (H/T Immigration News Daily)

They just walk into the E-R and deliver a baby.

No questions asked because by law physicians like those at Starr County Memorial Hospital have to accept someone who is an emergency and labor in this case is an emergency.

But the problem is the number of undocumented immigrants they see has doubled to more than 25 a month.

"That's an issue that ties up resources, time and alot of effort and it is also not good for the patient that does that," Dr. Antonio Falcon said.

Dr. Falcon is a member of the U.S.-Mexican Border Health Commission and says that if immigrants can't pay for the services, they can apply for Emergency Medicaid or just leave and not pay a thing.
Let me get this straight. I work a full-time job. I pay my taxes. I have a pretty standard PPO healthcare plan. Right now I'm paying for my healthcare AND the healthcare of illegal aliens who aren't even supposed to be here in the first place.

Maybe I should quit my job and renounce my citizenship. Then I could get free healthcare myself. Well -- free for me. You law-abiding American citizens out there wouldn't mind paying my way, right?

"You need to get policy makers that can understand that we have an open border where - a dynamic border where people basically come and go and so some how or another we need to address the issue," Dr. Falcon said.

He says if this had an easy solution, it would have already happened, but citizens and physicians must get involved.

Something this hospital hopes happens soon before it's too late.

"It could turn into a really big problem if we continue to see what we're seeing now." Thalia said.
Problem, schmoblem! Everyone knows that the American people are a bottomless supply of money for the rest of the world. And, lest we forget, we have a government full of treasonous elected officials who are desperately trying to give this great country away to remind us.

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