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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mexitude, Chicago Style

I guess being a sanctuary city for illegal aliens just isn't enough for Chicago. The latest in Mexitude, Chicago Style?

Source: Chicago Tribune (H/T Immigration Watchdog)

Several prominent downtown Chicago buildings will be bathed in red, white and green lights in September to celebrate Mexico's independence, community leaders announced Wednesday.

The effort, organized by the Mexican Consulate, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn and radio host Javier Salas, will run from Sept. 12-17. The city plans to light several downtown bridges in Mexico's national colors.
So who, exactly, is taking part in this insult to the American people?

Drumroll, please...

At least 20 buildings and landmarks will participate, including Navy Pier, Sears Tower and the Wrigley Building, according to a spokeswoman for Quinn.
And why, exactly, might my city be celebrating the holiday of a foreign nation? Let's take a peek at Quinn's website, shall we?

The tribute recognizes the important role that Mexican-Americans have played in Chicago over the last century, from the early days of the railroad and stockyard industries through the steel mill boom to the present. Today, an estimated 550,000 Mexican-Americans live in the Chicago area.
For God's sake, I know you're a politican, Mr. Quinn, so the promiscuous pandering comes as no surprise. But do you have to shine a great big red-white-and-green spotlight on it by desecrating the beautiful Chicago skyline?

How about trading in the Mexitude for a little honor, respect and class?

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