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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Tear?

Source: NYT
One widow has more than $2 million but walks or rides the bus everywhere, terrified of drawing attention. Another millionaire widow stopped going to 9/11 support groups because she feared that families of police officers and firefighters might betray her. A widower has enough money to start a business building houses, but cannot buy himself a home.

All three lost a husband or a wife when the World Trade Center collapsed. Like thousands of others, they were beneficiaries of the federal Sept. 11 Victim Compensation Fund, which awarded millions of dollars to families whose loved ones died in the attacks.

But a secret sets these three apart. Like their spouses who died, each is in the country illegally. Even though the government compensated them richly for their losses, making them wealthier than they ever dreamed, the money did not change their immigration status. They fear they could be deported any day.
Sweet Jesus on a jumped up popsicle! Is there anything these people won't cynically use to remain in this "horribly racist" country? As far as I'm concerned those millions of dollars should have been used for what, boys and girls?

Say it with me...


That's right, you heard me right, while I'm terribly sorry for their loss I don't see why any of this changes their legal status.

Let me explain slowly how logic works, if your not used to using logic it may sting a bit at first, but that burning sensation will pass. See, they weren't supposed to be in this country in the first place, hence, and here's the tricky part, we have zero responsibilty to them or their families.


Perhaps because they're not, and forgive me for repeating myself here, CITIZENS!!!

H/T immigration watchdog

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