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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Breaking: Maryland City Councilman Possibly Not American Citizen

Via email

I am making no accusations by posting this, but I think it's a serious question that demands a serious answer...
Subject: [secondmexicanamericanwar] Illegal Immigrants Taking Over Power of Government

The following information is indicative of another way in which illegal immigrants plan to take over this country. The subject, William A. Campos came from El Salvador when he was six or seven years old.

It has been brought to the attention of a friend of mine, who is acting Senior Administrator for the Prince Georges County Board of Elections, that the subject, who is an elected County Councilman in the 2nd Councilmatic District IS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. Bob gave this information to one of his staff people and told them to check it out since an elected official and voter must be an American citizen.
It is a felony to register to vote and run for office if you are not an American citizen.

His staff person came back and told him that they could find no record of the subject being an American citizen either in Baltimore or Washington. She later told him that she had heard that the subject became an American citizen in a private ceremony, yet there is no documentation. Bob was told to leave it alone. He felt that this is a very serious security risk as the subject, as an elected official, has access to much information and many places. For example, he can be invited to the White House and he can go on base at Andrews Air Force base where Air Force One is based.

He has ties to MS13 which is a very violent gang with increasing membership. A good riend of mine, who is in the Reserves, was recently sent to California where he was briefed that MS13 is now tied to terrorists, which falls under the Terrorist Act. The subject is also very close with the police major who is commander in the subjects area. This officer is privy to advance notice of drug busts, who they are investigating, etc. and they give that information to an elected official as a normal procedure.

The police department in the subjects District are having a major problem with the mobile vendors who are controlled by MS13 and are selling their drugs. The subject, has put in legislation to allow the mobile vendors to go anywhere in the community and no one can stop them. This makes it very difficult for the police to catch them
because they keep moving around. The subject is not an ordinary worker. He is in a very sensitive position. He thinks enough of the position to get over $90,000.00 per year in salary plus car, a large budget, staff and bennies, but does not think enough of this Country to become an American citizen. He laughs at our system; and why not. He is breaking the law by becoming an elected official without being an American citizen. An article appeared in the newspaper that he travels to El Salvador quite a bit, has met with the President of El Salvador in an attempt to get more El Salvadorans into America and stated that the shopping centers there are better than in the United States. My understanding is that El Salvador is the same as it always was and is still very violent.

Since my friend Bob, at the Board of Elections was unable to go any further, I took it upon myself to proceed with inquiring whether the subject, William A. Campos, is an American citizen or not, because it is illegal for him to vote or be an elected official, if he is not.

I contacted Immigration and Citizenship Services and made an official request to check the records to see if the subject is an American citizen. I received a letter back (file no. COW2006003560) stating that they searched the records that related to William A. Campos and determined that IF SUCH RECORDS EXIST, they would be maintained under the jurisdiction of the National Records Center and that they had
forwarded my request to them. I spoke with the National Records Center on September 19, 2006 and was told that they closed out file no. COW206003560 because no record showed up that he was an American citizen and assigned a new number, file no. 2006061428 to the request. They then searched the records
while I was on the phone and told me that there was no record of the subject being an American citizen.

Within two hours I received a call from another person at the National Records Center who informed me that they were denying my request because I did not have permission from the subject. I said to her "you mean,, even though he is illegal, he comes under the Privacy Act" and she said "yes, he has all the rights of any other

She then tried to tell me that they had a file on the subject to make me think that he is an American citizen, but when I pressed her by saying that even though he is NOT an American citizen, he still comes under the Privacy Act and she said "YES". She was unaware that I spoke to another person earlier that morning and that is why I
pressed her about him not being a citizen and she admitted that he was not. She said she had called me to give me a heads up that they were denying my request so that I would not pursue it any further.

I have no problem that under the Privacy Act they are not allowed to disclose information about the subject, but I do have a problem that when they know the subject is not an American citizen and is breaking the law by becoming a registered voter and an elected official who is in a sensitive position and tied to MS13, that they do not forward the information to the proper authorities and/or agencies, so that
the subject is arrested and not allowed to continue in his position, ILLEGALLY.

I have no problem that people come to this country and want a better life. My own family came from Italy because they wanted a better life, but they became American citizens and love this country. The problem I have with the subject is that he came over here, was educated here, became an elected official, but does not have any allegiance to America. His allegiance is to El Salvador and MS13. As far as I am concerne, he has made a total mockery of our system. People have and still are dying protecting this country and this subject is spitting at this country an taking all the benefits. He feels the law does not apply to him and I guess it does not, because
they are protecting him. A Democratic Congressman is the one who got him elected in a special election two years ago and got him elected again in the September 12th primary.

I realize this is a political hot potato; if we do nothing about this individual, where is it going to end. They will take over the power of government all over this country and have no allegiance to it.

Again, at this point no accusations are leveled, however, we need to know if the people holding positions of trust and influence in our country are citizens. We will attempt to follow up on this and ask our smart readers to pursue any avenues that seem worthwhile to them.

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