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Thursday, October 05, 2006

More Violence Against Minutemen

Source: myfoxcolorado

H/T Lonewacko

This only comes as a video report. A small group of Minutemen staked out a day laborers gathering point to videotape the vehicles that were picking up the day laborers. A group of the laborers approached and physically assaulted them. Then, later another "poor immigrant" attempted to steal another Minuteman's camera.

Charges filed? Yes, for attempted theft of the camera, nothing on the assault. Denver, champions of Mexitude!

I searched yahoo news for this

I searched Google news for this

No major coverage as far as I can tell.

In the video Polly Baca has this to say..."The minutemen are acting in a totally un-American fashion... it is not their place to enforce our laws, it is the place of our police officers, our safety officers to enforce our laws."

Ahem, no Polly, and I'll type this slowly as you've clearly had a brain injury, or too many sherries with lunch. It is almost by definition an American act to seek to catch criminal. You were confused because in your true country (rathole-Mexico) this is not the case.

Lonewacko reminds us that Polly has a history.

Just one more example of Minutemen being physically assaulted by illegal immigrants with very little follow through from media or police.

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My challenge still stands, please send me ANY story you've heard of an actual Minuteman committing violence in the name of the Minutemen. This challenge has been out there for several months and nuttin' yet.

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