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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just Who Are The Violent Ones Again?

Source: Beyond Borders Blog

(Gentle and typical socialist and illegal alien behavior bolded for your reading pleasure)
For the last few months we have been having anti illegal immigration rallies. Some of us would like to see the immigration laws enforced. We don’t really want new ones at he moment because every time they re-invent the same laws over again, they work in new amnesty and gravy parts for the illegal aliens. They never get around to busting employers or the aliens themselves but boy howdy do they dish out the new amnesty and gravy parts.

A group of [a socialist organization] people started showing up and were very loud and confrontational. The last time we had a rally at our original spot they were screaming chasing us back and forth and beating on our new banner with their sign sticks.

This last Friday we all met at a new corner. There wasn’t as many of us that made it to the new spot but it was mellow. We could talk and move about freely.

After about an hour and a half some of the [organization] started showing up on the corner across the street from us. It was weird. Usually whenever they would spot us they run over block the view of our signs so people passing by can’t read them or something along those lines.

Then we started noticing Hispanic people piling up on the far corner. It was like the movie The Birds. This all happened in just a few moments.

All of a sudden the drummer starts up with some sort of march beat on the Hispanics corner. He had a big drum like from the Civil war. Not as big as a Bass drum or a small as a Snare.

Anyway he starts out. Drumming hard, sticks rising high into the air. The Hispanic group started out behind him maybe five passes behind.

The drummer dropped off with the Socialist and the gang of Hispanics continued over until they were amongst us.

I said something like, ” What’s happening” and the one nearest struck at me. My signs went flying. My fists were soon to follow. I was able to keep three busy for a few seconds. Then as I was facing the sky while laying on my back still trying to get a good punch in. All of a sudden people started getting dragged off of me and someone was yelling, “you are under arrest” at someone a few feet away.
Can somebody find me one, just one story of a Minuteman, or an anti-illegal immigration supporter getting violent?  Anybody?  Just one?

More at the link.

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