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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Show prep 080206: Chicken Wings and a pack of Kools

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English!

Comin' at'cha live from 1-4 Central time.

To call in: 18884071776

Today I want to take a look at Colorado's new "mean-spirited" laws that target illegal immigration.  Something that goes hand in hand with this issue, and it's where the title comes from, is the Democrats insistence that poor people can't possibly be expected to afford $5 for a state ID to prove who they are for voting purposes.

My question: If you can afford some chicken wings and a pack of Kools, can't you afford a state ID?

Can it be "mean-spirited" to enforce immigration laws?  This asshat sez yes!

Why not tents?

Border disorder

As always we'll have your moment of Atzlan.



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