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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Source: NBC5 News

An immigration judge in Chicago has given a reprieve to 11 illegal immigrants slated for deportation.

The Chicago-area immigrants were arrested during a high-profile nationwide sweep involving a company called IFCO Systems.
Now, why on earth would Judge Cuevas do that? I wonder...

Judge Carlos Cuevas on Monday gave the former IFCO employees a 1-year stay of deportation, on the condition that they agreed not to appeal.

The delay gives Congress time to act on a bill that could grant legal status to many of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the Untied States.
This is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke. A sick, sick joke that Judge Cuevas has been entrusted with this power and that Chicago provides a climate where he feels comfortable abusing it in this way.

Think I'm over-reacting?

An attorney for the IFCO workers said he's surprised and pleased by the judge's ruling.
I bet he is. Even the freakin' defense lawyer can't believe the cojones on Judge Cuevas.

Speaks volumes, doesn't it?

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