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Thursday, October 05, 2006

High Atop The Long List Of Things I don't Care About...

Source: tennessean
Defense attorneys wonder if illegals can get fair trials

Passionate emotions surrounding the issue of illegal immigration are forcing criminal defense attorneys to contend with what they see as a growing problem: Can illegal immigrant defendants get a fair trial?
Are we caring about this now? Is this something I should be caring about?

Cuz I'm not. Allow me a moment to explain. When an individual breaks into this country and then proceeds to commit murder or move drugs or rape children or drive drunk here's the deal from where I sit...


In fact, not only aren't they citizens, they have entered this country illegally with the express intent to harm my fellow countrymen, in any sane world this would be an act of war, especially considering the frequency with which this occurs.

Here's what I know in my bones. When dealing with savages one must be prepared to get medieval on their sorry asses. Someone wants to break into this country to savage my people?

Then we should get savage on them. Want to break into this country for the purpose of committing crimes? I for one cannot imagine why you should have any expectation of making it home alive.

Nuff said.

Funniest quote from this piece...
Given the fervor of the local and national immigration debate, one Hispanic activist says the term undocumented worker has become synonymous with "criminal alien."

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