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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Centro sin Fronteras a Clue

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

The young son of a woman who has taken refuge in a Chicago church delivered a letter to the White House on Tuesday, hoping to enlist President Bush's help in keeping his mother from being deported to Mexico.

The handwritten letter, which 7-year-old Saul Arellano gave to a White House staffer outside the gates, requested a meeting with Bush to discuss allowing Elvira Arellano to stay in the United States, said Robert Lopez, spokesman for Chicago immigration-rights group Centro Sin Fronteras.

''He was serious about getting this done and making sure he delivered this letter for his mother,'' Lopez said.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The way these people are using this 7-year-old child for their political purposes is disgusting. Don't get me wrong -- I have no doubt that Saul doesn't want to be separated from his mother. But the only reason he "was serious about getting this done" is because these people -- including his mother -- have filled his head with a bunch of open borders bullshit and rhetoric against the "mean-spirited" Bush administration.

'Cause we all know how hard the Bush administration has been fighting the invasion of this country by illegal aliens.

Do these people have any clue whatsoever how much they hurt their cause by parading a 7-year-old child around the country to cry for the media? They look like heartless, opportunistic bastards. Because they are. Heartless, opportunistic bastards who have to use the emotional distress of a small child to try to further their position because how do you mount an argument for lawlessness?

You play to people's emotions and hope they don't notice that you're full of shit.

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