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Monday, October 02, 2006

Upside Down Logic

Source: nydailynews via Lonewacko

Tamara Jacoby has a piece up revealing that she's right on immigration issues, everybody else? Not so much...(Bit that made me laugh out loud bolded)
...No wonder many people concluded that the immigration hard-liners in the House, where the fence bill originated, had won the debate.

But they're wrong. For most members of Congress, this was little more than an election-year charade. The truth is, one mug-for-the-camera vote will not reverse the progress made in the past two years toward comprehensive immigration reform, which is still the only way to solve the problem.

By now, the two competing visions are clear to everyone: simply cracking down harder with fencing and other measures, or combining more effective enforcement with more realistic laws - laws that recognize our labor needs, current and future, and offer some long-term path to legal citizenship for the illegal immigrants already here.

Lopsided fence votes in the House and Senate belie growing support for that broader vision. It's not just that the President and many senators support balanced reform. Poll after poll shows that between two-thirds and three-quarters of the public believes that the best answer combines tougher enforcement with earned citizenship for the illegal immigrants already here. The 20% to 25% who feel differently have an outsized influence in this midterm election year. But even if that tail can wag the dog for now, it can't prevent the majority from expressing its will eventually...

This is an almost perfect example of upside down logic. Does she really think the politicians are doing this out of a deep seated need to do the right thing? After years of doing the wrong thing? Can a person be that stupid and live? Enquiring minds want to know.

Lopsided votes in the Senate show that finally, finally the American people have broken through the cone of silence erected by elite jack-asses admirably represented by the Tamara Jacoby's of the world. Those who would point at the sky at noon and try to tell us that's the moon up there.

Lonewacko has more on a previous attempt to fabricate a backlash over failure to pass "reform" legislation.

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