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Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm Going To Talk Slowly...

For all the stupid folks out there!

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Just reading an article talking about a country song entitled "So long, Texas -- Hello Mexico!"  The song details how Texas no longer feels like America due to the overwhelming flood of Hispanic illegals.  And then I read this...
” I think it’s very racist. Anytime somebody sings a song about how Texas no longer looks like Texas because there are too many Mexicans, that’s racist.”
Okay, look, I realize that the common usage of racist these days is "something I don't like," but that's not what the word means. To say that Texas no longer seems like a part of America due to the presence of what?


Is not racist, unless Mexican is now a race, which by the by it ain't.

Let me explain my take for those still enjoying a steaming hot cup O' go this fine Sunday marnin. See, and this gets a little complicated in our PC world. A Mexican ain't an American, a Mexican is the citizen of another country. I realize this is confusing for those with current degrees from institutions of higher drinking but, it's actually true.

Now, what bearing does this have on racism? So glad you axed my brutha, it is not racism to suggest that the mass importation, illegally, of millions of current citizens from a foreign power, fundamentally changing a place into something more like the third world cess pool that is Mexico is racist.

It IS a comment on culture, and what exactly is the problem with that? Do you really want to live in real Mexico? Do you really want America to emulate the wildly successful "Mexican model" as regards running a nation?

I feel I make this point over and over, yet, people still appear confused by something that seems rather basic. Follow along with my reasoning here for a moment. The quoted bit above, did it say Mexican-American? Americans of Hispanic descent?

Nope, what did it say?

Mexicans. It stated that to suggest that Mexicans were making America less like America was a racist statement, which is ridiculous on it's face. A "Mexican" would by definition make America less like America, it is literally a socratic statement.

I am not ashamed to say that I want as little influence from the rathole known as Mexico in this country as possible. In precisely the same way that I want as little influence on this country from most of the pestilential Muslim Sharia paradises dotting the globe in their honor killing, clitorectomy, gays killing, jew hating splendor.

If a person from Mexico wants to come here and be an American, I don't have a problem with that, I don't, but it also doesn't seem to be happening anymore. Forcing me to write a post of this ilk approximately once a week.

Mexico is a foreign land, no matter how proximate it may be. It is not a "near beer" equivalent of America.

My challenge stands, if you are truly comfortable with Mexican culture, you friend are a lucky person. You can head south in your automobile, geographically America is a bit of a funnel to the place you'd like to be.


Me, I love America, thanks anyway.

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