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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why Are Retarded People Paid So Well?

Lawrence Kudlow writes his three reasons why he likes this congress today at NRO...

Let's focus on lucky #3...
Third: There was no immigration legislation passed. So, for the moment, the new Berlin Wall will not be built.

A balanced approach to immigration suits me just fine. But a fence only approach not only won’t work, it would be bad for the economy. (Now I’ve said it.) Remember, over the past twenty years of the high tide of Mexican immigration, the American economy has prospered and flourished.

I like these Mexicans. They go to Catholic Church; They work hard; They’re learning English and they will eventually create a new blue-collar middle class.

Yes, I do worship at the high church of GDP. But I also worship at the high church of Catholic Mass. And therefore I’m able to combine supply-side economics with the teachings of Catholic humanitarianism.
Somebody helps him dress in the morning, right?

And I note, he appears to call himself everything except an American, strange that.

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