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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hey Kids! Let's Just Give Up!

Source: Redstate

In the proud American tradition of "It's too hard to catch rapists so let's legalize rape" we get this rather bizarre posting from Leon H. Wolf @ Redstate...
YouTube, Napster, and Illegal Immigration.

The Wall Street Journal's law blog today had a story about YouTube that got me thinking about illegal immigration. It occurred to me that the demise of Napster and the potential demise of YouTube have lessons to teach us about good immigration policy in the country. *snip*

This teaches us that for some laws - laws where either the demand for the illegal product or service (or the means of obtaining it) is too great, or where the cost (political and capital) of enforcement levels sufficient to create actual deterrence is too great, the best policy just might be to stop crying over spilt milk, and work to find a solution going forward that encourages people to follow the natural inclination to follow the law. *snip*

Eventually, the RIAA was faced with an inevitable - reduce illegal file sharing by working to create a more efficient and widely available legal file sharing system, or reduce illegal file sharing by not producing music anymore. I think that we are rapidly approaching the point as a country that we will face the choice of either working to create a more efficient legal immigration pipeline, or shutting off immigration altogether. I'm not totally adverse to a suggestion that the latter might be desirable, at least for a short time, but I think that we are deluding ourselves if we continue to think that there's a way that we can shut off the demand for immigration on both sides without a measure so drastic that the American Public will not tolerate it - or at least, they will not tolerate it yet.
I would call this a "all evidence to the contrary post." Or, a "but I want it!" post. Our cheerful commentator would have us believe that we simply must put up with illegal immigration because...

A.) People really -- really want to come.


B.) Immoral greedy ass people here dig slaves.

And that these things are simply insurmountable barriers to dealing with and/or putting a stop to this scourge.

Um, poppycock?

Out chattering wastrel has made one of the common mistakes of the mildly retarded pundit class (other than the obvious -- comparing illegal immigration to downloading songs illegally), he's substituted his judgement for that of the American people. Oops! I fully understand his ravening desire to be a part of the slaveholding class, I mean what fool wouldn't want a piece of that action?

I mean, it's crystal clear that Americans want no part of stopping illegal immigration. In fact, I think we can state pretty confidently that they want a lot more. Or is that our commentor here? I am so easily confused.

In all seriousness the thing that really annoys about this kind of tripe is the unabashed defeatism on display. Knock over dictators and install democracies in countries that hate us, no problem dude this is AMERICA!!

Stop busboys and gardeners at the border? What? You so crazy meng, no one can stop the busboys and gardeners, NOBODY!

Yes, they are desperate to get here, and so what? Yes, greedy amoral people would like to do the wrong thing, again, so freaking what? Neither of these truisms affect the price of tricks on Lake street, capeesh?

So, to sum up, America wants and needs illegal immigration? All evidence to the contrary.

It's the intellectual inconstancy that chaps my ass, how about you?

Oh, and I believe I covered this

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