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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Real Solution: Localities fight back

Source: TheBostonChannel

In the fine tradition of Hazelton, Farmer's Branch, et al., we can now add Sandwich Mass. to the long list of localities that are beginning to deal with the illegal immigration mess our federal government has supported and encouraged...
SANDWICH, Mass. -- Sandwich officials want to punish local businesses that hire illegal immigrants. The town's board of selectmen voted 4-to-1 Thursday night to endorse the proposal, which would deny, suspend or revoke the license of a business with illegal immigrant workers. To become law, the home-rule petition must be approved at a town meeting on Sept. 25 and by the state Legislature. Selectman Douglas Dexter said illegal workers are hurting local businesses who don't hire them.
Thank you Mr. Dexter for saying the thing we all know is true, yet most politicians are to cowardly to admit.
Selectman Adam Chaprales cast the lone vote against the measure, saying it would depict Sandwich as unfriendly toward business.
So, an ordinance targeting illegal aliens would "depict Sandwich as unfriendly toward business?" Huh? So who is this joker? Turns out Mr. Weenie has a web page, shhh, let's listen in...
My political philosophy is unveiling the truth about economic issues and concerns. I have been working hard on studying the theoretical side of economic policy issues and I will be majoring in Business Administration and Economic Policy Analysis. I believe that a sound political philosophy should be grounded in economic theory rather than personal political advantages. For those who are new to economics, economic theory is based on efficiency, which in layman terms means "the best outcome."
Oh, he's one of those "Economic Conservatives" we're so fond of around here.
Human rights activists urged selectmen to reconsider the proposal, saying it could lead to discrimination against legal immigrants.
And of course, what would one of these be without a "Human Rights Activist" to remind us that we have no business being a country.

Just how many localities are doing this, and how many laws are floating around now?
Towns like Riverside, N.J., and Arcadia, Wis., have followed the lead of other cities in proposing ordinances that take aim at everything from flying non-US flags to hiring illegal immigrants or restricting the number of people who can live in rental housing. In state legislatures, almost 550 bills concerning immigrants have been introduced this year, and 33 have been enacted, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. …”It’s a domino effect,” says John Keeley, a spokesman for the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates restricting immigration. “Washington’s at a stalemate, but the fact is there’s large-scale illegal immigration, attendant crime, school overcrowding - all this stuff going on. At the state and local level, they don’t have the luxury of filibustering.”
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