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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Calderon: Suck Eet Up Stupid Gringos

Source: Wapo
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon said on Thursday the flow of illegal workers to the United States would not stop, saying the two countries needed to work together to solve the problem.

A court this week named Calderon winner of the July presidential election after throwing out fraud claims by his leftist rival.

Calderon, from the same conservative party as President Vicente Fox, is expected to be a U.S. ally in Latin America, but he warned that U.S. lawmakers should recognize that illegal immigration was a fact of life.

"We can't ignore it. We can't make it disappear by decree," he told foreign journalists. "We have to find sensible mechanisms between the two countries to solve the problem jointly."
Sensible mechanisms?

Why Senor Calderon it appears you've come to the right place amigo...

1.) Savage and brutal workplace enforcement.

2.) A steady stream of deportations

3.) A jumbo, economy sized wall on the border

4.) A 100% tax on all remittances from illegals

5.) No government cheese for non citizens

6.) Summary execution of any illegal caught committing a crime in this country

7.) Revocation of the ridiculous interpretation of the 14th amendment

There you go Senor Calderon, right off the top of my head I've pretty much solved the "migration" situation and implemented some very sensible mechanisms.

How about that?

H/T Dusty Inman Society



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