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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Show Prep 090706: A Third Party?

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English!!

Comin at'cha live from the occupied heart of mid-western Atzlan from 12-3 Central time.

To listen

If that player gives you any trouble and use the "non-java" player.

To call and be part of the show...1-888-407-1776

Digger does it again: Immigration Stance

How many?

Importing poverty?


Illegal immigrants
: A threat?

House Repubs: A third party? And this.

Mexican criminals make themselves at home

Friends & neighbors update

Bill Richardson: Loves Cock?

Teh Funny: In the shadows?

Mexitude update: Chicago

And as always...

Your moment of Atzlan

Illegal immigration news

Jake's blog pick O'the week: Common Sense America

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