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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Judge Gets it Right on Arellano Restraining Order

If you don't know who Elvira Arellano is, come out from under your rock, then read this, this, this and this.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve refused to grant a 10-day temporary restraining order Tuesday in the deportation of an illegal Mexican immigrant trying to stay in the country with her American-born son.

Attorney Joseph Mathews, who represents Elvira Arellano's son Saul, 7, was not surprised by St. Eve's ruling, given legal complications in the case.
First, let me say GOOD.

Then, lets laugh together, shall we, over what are deemed "legal complications" by Elvira's lawyer? Legal complications? Could that possibly be the fact that Elvira was already deported for entering illegally, jumped right back over the border, was arrested for and convicted of Social Security fraud four years ago, and holed up in a "church" when it came time to turn herself in to DHS?

Well, I know who to call should I ever find myself in need of a euphemism of the very broadest and most amusing sort.

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