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Saturday, September 09, 2006

More Violence Against Anti-Illegal Protesters

Source: report and deport

This delightful "New American" objected to "report and deport" lawfully observing a day laborer site. But he really got fired up when the camera was turned on him.

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In what has become a disturbing pattern, it appears local police and the dead tree (illegal loving) media aren't interested in this case...
I'm having a hell of a time even getting the local TV station, KFTY, to even look at the tape, even though the WHOLE FILTHY INCIDENT is there. I got the punks who did it on tape, their vehicle, the attack, and probably even the smack on the punk's head that broke the camera, but I'm having a HELL of a time getting anybody, even the DEPUTIES to take a look at it.
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One almost senses a pattern here. Nah, that's just crazy talk, right?

And of course, as befits our proud, illegal, "New Americans" their beating up older folks and women. This is a remarkably consistent pattern I've noticed. Think of the recent attacks on SOS members in Maywood, who did the rabble target? A woman and an older gentleman. Courage on tap, that's our 'New Americans' battle cry.

I've made this point before but I think it bears repeating. No one has told these folks no in an awfully long time, they come from a 'machismo' culture that isn't especially known for handling criticism well. How does this not end in violence?

If I had to pick one reason I think our government is so totally terrified by this issue above all others, this is it. Cowardice of the rankest sort. They not only allowed the invasion but foolishly encouraged it. Now that it has reached epidemic proportions they've finally realized precisely how big of a problem they created and instead of tackling it head on like men, like Americans, they wring thier hands and whine about it being too difficult a problem to solve.

All the while American citizens are being attacked in the streets for having the temerity to stand up to the invasion. This ends with blood in the streets folks, I simply cannot imagine another ending.

What say you?

H/T immigration watchdog.

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