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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Miller Boycott: It's On!

Source: immigration watchdog

An update on the Miller Boycott...(via email)

Good Evening Patriots!

We have just made history as 57 immigration enforcement organizations now support the boycott of Miller Brewing Company through the National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition located at and

This unprecedented level of cooperation exceeds our coalition of 55 organizations that supported the National Employer Flier Campaign a few months back.

We are well on our way to 100+ organizations and hope to reach that level of support by Monday of next week!

Miller Brewing Company has chosen an initial tactic of denial and retreat. While we feel that their claim they will no longer support groups like March 10 and La Raza, we also feel that they should apologize to the American public and take further steps while dropping the denials. The American public needs to be assured that Miller Brewing Company is serious about this before we even consider dropping the boycott.

Here is a copy of their official response and our rebuttal.

Miller Brewing responds to call for boycott

Please continue your efforts to circulate this boycott to your contacts and encourage everyone you know to visit to support the boycott and sign the petition.

Please contact any leaders you know and ask them to bring their organizational support to the boycott coalition if they are with us yet. You can view an updated list of the groups supporting the boycott at the bottom of our home page. We encourage everyone to visit and support our allies on the list!

Special Note:ALIPAC and FIRE Coalition’s directors will be on Fox News on Friday at 4pm ET on the Neil Cavuto Show. Please tune in and please spread the word! William Gheen and Jason Mrochek will be sharing the news about the boycott with the nation.

In the last few days, these leaders have been on over 15 talk radio shows!

The news of the boycott has been covered by the Chicago Tribune and has been reported as far away as Sidney Australia!

We hope that everyone will continue and intensify their efforts behind this boycott.

Your support as volunteers and contributors is vital to our success. This project has been expensive to put together and promote.

Please take a few minutes to contribute to FIRE Coalition/ and ALIPAC if you have not made a recent donation.

Thank you all for your support and let’s keep up the pressure!


The MillerBoycott Team



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