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Monday, August 21, 2006

Rep. Schankowski Goes To Des Plaines?

Source: the conservative voice

Our buddy, Dave Tatosian recently attended a townhall meeting with rep. Jan Schakowski in a little suburb of Chicago called Des Plaines.  Dave is an excellent writer featured at just about every conservative outlet there is.  Dave reports she had a pretty rough time of it in an excellent piece up at the Conservative Voice.

A taste...
Arriving a tad early to her "One-on-One" Town Hall Meeting, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky assured the roomful of constituents in the Des Plaines Public Library (Des Plaines, IL) that she was there to answer questions.

The second attendee asked two questions: First, If someone enters your house uninvited, is it a crime? After some consideration, Rep. Schakowsky granted that that situation might be construed as trespassing. Second: Do you support a moratorium on the deportation of illegal immigrants? to which Mrs. Schakowsky emphatically answered "Yes."

The questioner wanted to know the whys and wherefores of her reasoning, but the good congresswoman mumbled something about the 'Day Without Mexicans' movie and moved to the next questioner.

The next inquirer mentioned a news account of an older American citizen, a veteran, who had undergone emergency surgery costing money that he didn't have. According to the story, the man subsequently lost his house to his medical bills while an illegal immigrant in the same hospital received treatment, free of charge, totaling twice the veteran's amount. Why, wondered the inquirer, would an American citizen be forced to pay such an extreme price while an illegal immigrant paid nothing? Why are illegal immigrants treated better than American citizens?

The room burst into applause.
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