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Sunday, August 20, 2006

This Is Interesting

Source: dailymail
Mutiny on Flight 613
Passengers refuse to allow holiday jet to take off until two Asian men are thrown off plane

British holidaymakers staged an unprecedented mutiny - refusing to allow their flight to take off until two men they feared were terrorists were forcibly removed.

The extraordinary scenes happened after some of the 150 passengers on a Malaga-Manchester flight overheard two men of Asian appearance apparently talking Arabic.

Passengers told cabin crew they feared for their safety and demanded police action. Some stormed off the Monarch Airlines Airbus A320 minutes before it was due to leave the Costa del Sol at 3am. Others waiting for Flight ZB 613 in the departure lounge refused to board it. *snip*

All people have a limit, it appears the Brits have hit theirs.
It also raised fears that more travellers will take the law into their own hands - effectively conducting their own 'passenger profiles'.
Well, if the government won't, the people will eventually.
Passengers noticed that, despite the heat, the pair were wearing leather jackets and thick jumpers and were regularly checking their watches.
So the passengers acted perfectly rational and sane in refusing to board?
Mr Schofield, 40, an area sales manager, said: "When the men were taken off they didn't argue or say a word. They just picked up their coats and obeyed the police. They seemed resigned to the fact they were under suspicion.
Gee, I wonder why?
Patrick Mercer, the Tory Homeland Security spokesman, said last night: "This is a victory for terrorists. These people on the flight have been terrorised into behaving irrationally.

"For those unfortunate two men to be victimised because of the colour of their skin is just nonsense."
No, you jack-ass, a victory for terrorists would be blowing the plane out of the sky. This? This is simply common bloody sense taking control for once in Britain.

Good on ya guys!


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