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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Poor Widdle Busboys & Gardeners Alert

Source: Tammy the Bruce

Mexican Serial Killer Caught in U.S.
A man suspected of involvement in a 13-year wave of rapes and killings in a Mexican town that left more than 300 women dead has been detained in the US.

Edgar Alvarez Cruz was arrested for alleged immigration violations in Colorado and faces extradition...The women were abducted, often sexually assaulted or raped and then murdered in Ciudad Juarez on the Texan border. Many bodies were dumped in the desert.
Let's take a moment and think about the possibility that this human piece of slime may just have continued his murderous rampage on this side of the border, shall we? Which creates two problems with sending him back to grand ole Meejico.

1.) They won't extradite if it turns out he committed a capital crime.

2.) If Mexico can't convict him or even manage to hang on to him the only thing between him and you is our border. You know, our Southern border?

I believe we can file this one firmly under the heading of "The Deportation Joke."

H/T Polipundit

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