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Saturday, January 07, 2006


Sometimes a problem is so large you can't see all the way around it.

Its sheer size dwarfs our ability to wrap our minds around all the possible permutations of evil it may generate.

Case in point.

"They're supposed to deport them. Why aren't they doing it?" asks Alex Markowich, an assistant district attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, when told an illegal immigrant pedophile who molested a two year old girl wasn't made to leave the country after serving his four year sentence. "Everybody, I recall, seemed to understand that he was going to do prison (and) since he was an illegal alien, when he got done with his sentence, they were going to send him back to Mexico. That's horrible. That's horrible." (Illegals: Jon E. Dougherty, pp. 62)

It seems a reasonable question, why aren't we deporting illegal aliens? That's the thing we should do with dangerous criminals, right?

I mean, we can't just let them hang around in this country free to commit other crimes on American citizens.

And we'll be safe...

Until they just stroll back over our Southern Border again to commit whatever depradations they wish on unsuspecting American citizens.

I mean, we all know the border's a joke. So we dump the criminals over "there" and then what?

We have been trained to breath a sigh of relief when the bad guy has been kicked out. We have been convinced that somehow these dangerous criminals cannot possibly traverse the same horrible path trod by children and pregnant women as they stroll into our defenseless country.

And of course if you're lucky like us you can live in a Sanctuary City (read: Liberal City) where the cops are forbidden to even raise the subject of immgration status lest we hurt the little darling's feelings.

Case in point.

Rafael Resendez-Ramirez The Railway Killer

Does that name ring a bell, does it send a shiver up your spine? It does mine. Yet he's the norm, not the exception.

How's that for a hot steaming pile of happy?

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