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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Campus Republicans Challenging DePaul on Free Speech

A couple of months back we blogged on protesting the difficulties that the Depaul University Republican organization encountered regarding Ward Churchill's visit to the campus. Previous posts here and here.

The Political Teen has video of Joe Blewitt, College Republican Prez and organizer of the protest we attended, and a representative from a free speech advocacy group, on Hannity & Colmes.

It's good to see a more liberal group doing the right thing and sticking up for the free speech of a conservative group. And, of course, it's fun to see Alan Colmes struggling unsuccessfully to make Blewitt into the bad guy because he doesn't like Republicans.

The group tried to put up posters on campus denouncing what Churchill stands for, and were denied permission because officials deemed the material "propaganda." I saw the posters. They were quotes from Churchill's own writings! So when they pay a controversial and liberal professor to say the words, it's all good, but when the College Republicans try to post them on flyers, they become propaganda?

The group also signed up to attend Churchill's seminar, which was advertised as being open to all student groups. After considering their application, the college changed the rules to limit who could attend, excluding the College Republicans.

They were wrong, and anyone with a brain unfettered by mind-numbing bias can see it, say it, and speak out against it.



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