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Friday, January 06, 2006

Border Notes: How To Fix The Problem

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Illegal Immigration: How To Fix The Problem

I'm an American, born in South Texas. Before you call me a racist for being an advocate for immigration enforcement, be warned: I'm a Hispanic. While I will not be so presumptuous to say that this qualifies me as any type of expert on illegal immigration,what it does is give me a unique point of view on the problem. I have fought for this country, and the freedoms and security of its citizens, for thirteen years.

Right now, immigration is a hot topic in America. Where I come from, however, it's been a hot topic my entire life. Hy hometown is a scant 12 miles from the Texas-Mexico border.

The Rio Grande Valley is a hard place to enforce immigration, since thousands of Mexican citizens have relatives that reside on the US side of the border. Every weekend, thousands upon thousands of Mexicans cross over the border to shop and play in the larger cities of McAllen and Brownsville. Some even venture as far north as San Antonio (230 miles from the Border) and San Marcos (300 Miles from the Border). Granted, a large amount of money from these "better off" Mexicans provides a steady stream of sales for the merchants in the Valley. On some days, it's so bad, you can't even get a store cashier or clerk to speak English to you. My Parents have even refused to do their shopping on the weekends, due to the crowds and the rude Mexican tourists who literally "take over" the stores. It's like the Texas War of Independence all over again. This time, instead of guns, they invade armed with dollars.

That's not a problem. We welcome revenue from damn near anywhere we can get it. The problem is with the "other" invaders.

Of course, I am referring to the illegal immigration problem. Hundreds of illegal immigrants cross through the Rio Grande Valley every single day. Many of them travel north to the rest of America. Many of them, however, do not.

In one of the local hospitals, along US Highway 83, there is an office on the first floor. A patient goes in to check in to the Hospital during regular business hours. Patient billing is also located in this office. If you look on the northern wall of the waiting room, there is a large bronze-colored plaque bolted to the wall. It states that it is against federal law to deny medical care to anyone based on race, creed, national origin, or ability to pay for those services. My son was born in that hospital April 2005. The bill came out to just over $13,000 for the delivery and stay (I have really good Health Insurance). If an illegal immigrant crosses the border with the intent to have an "anchor baby" in that hospital, guess what? You're paying for it. If your child goes to the emergency room, he has to get in line behind an illegal immigrant. If an illegal immigrant brings in a child stricken with cancer, they have to be treated. Everywhere you go in the Rio Grande Valley: they're there.

Laura Martinez Ilgun is director of development and public relations at the
Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children’s Cancer and Hematology Clinic in McAllen.

She said one of the challenges her clinic faces is the number of parents from across the border who come to the facility with very sick children and no means of paying for services.

"They have no insurance, they’re illegal, and we have to face that decision: ‘What do we do with this child who has a life-threatening disease and who has absolutely no financial resources?’

"So far, in the past 4 ½ years, we have not turned away one child for inability to pay, and we’ve been able to address that through philanthropy. But there’s just so much you can do for that." Link Here
I'm getting sick of the problem, and so are many other residents of the Valley. I saw a poll a few months back that reported that 70% of the residents of the Rio Grande Valley are sick of the problem, and would prefer to close the border.

If you get annoyed by the illegal immigration sympathizers, you would have an aneurysm in the Rio Grande Valley. Admittedly, people in the Valley are not as well informed as I would like. You have the consistent babble about strengthening illegal immigration enforcement would be "racist", or that we have to feel sorry for the poor people that come to the United States to make a better life. If there's a lefty talking point about illegal aliens, you'll hear it (over and over again) in the RGV. Then you have the ignorant advocates claiming that Texas was part of Mexico first, so this somehow legitimizes the stream of illegal immigrants. Last I checked, two wars were fought over that border, and "our side" won them both.To the victor, go the spoils, right?

I'll be honest with you: I don't have a problem with immigration. My wife is a European immigrant, and the process we went through to secure her resident status (and eventual citizenship) here makes me appreciate the perseverance of the people that immigrate here legally. The people that don't go through the wickets, in my opinion, are lazy, and never aspire(d) to be part of this great experiment we call America.

If we want to offer asylum to illegal immigrants, lets make them prove they want/deserve it. Are you ready for this? The answer to everyone's problems:

Have them commit to serve five years in the US military.

This would satisfy the five year resident requirement for citizenship, afterwards they could apply for citizenship.
This would provide a steady income for the immigrant and his/her family - income that can be taxed (like the rest of us), and not paid "under the table" (like getting a job from the Home Depot parking lot).
This would gaurantee them health care and housing
This would alleviate recruiting problems in the US Military - I'm sure we could conduct a month-long basic language class for recruits (it would require no hiring of additional people).
This would give the immigrants the opportunity to get started in a career that, if they so choose, would provide them with the opportunity to retire with a good income after 20 years.
This would make them appreciate the hard work and sacrifices made by fighting men and women throughout our history.

Of course, this would never happen. The lefties and the Mexican government would never stand for it! Why, it's mercenary! (Kind of like the French Foreign Legion - but don't tell the Francophile-loving left that).

This ends todays Border Notes, we hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as we did. We hope to make this a regular feature, please let us know what you think, we value each readers input, well, almost all our reader's input :P

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