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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Different Than Us

And you thought things were wierd here...

Leftists, guru in spat over "bones" claims

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Scores of supporters of a yoga guru in India clashed with police Thursday as they tried to barge into the office of a communist leader who has accused the colourful ascetic of using human and animal bones for medication.

Swami Ramdev, a bare-chested guru who wears a saffron wraparound and shawl, is the rage in many parts of India and claims to cure illnesses through breathing exercises and traditional medicines.

But Brinda Karat, a Marxist party leader, this week accused him of using human and animal bones in his medicines, provoking a strong denial from Ramdev and angry protests by his supporters.

More than 100 of them descended on the office of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) shouting slogans against Karat and trying to force their way in. Police barred them from the building.

They have Marxists in India?



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