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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pro-Illegal Protesters: Not Smart

MJ's already blogged on this but I stumbled across these on the always excellent LoneWacko blog.

I simply can't resist asking the painfully obvious question here. Criminals are protesting law enforcement, and we give a damn because...?

Okay, this will be another entertaining game of "What's wrong with these pictures?"

These are the signs grasped in the sweaty mitts of the pro-ILLEGAL immigration chuckleheads. Is something missing?
How about this one? There's something missing!

Amidst all the variety of ridiculous signs, signs bearing slogans such as..."Nobody Is Illegal" "[Mayor Allan Mansoor] Is a Bigot." and my personal favorite, Other signs proclaimed the United States the property of Mexico and Americans as the interlopers.

Have you figured out what's missing? Your going to groan when I tell you what it is.


Take a gander at this...

Bottom right hand corner?

How about this one? See, here's the thing you supporters of criminality, if you can't even pretend to like this country I could give a rat's ass if you stay. Frankly, criminals protesting laws that are uncomfortable to them is a bit like pedophiles protesting lack of easy access to your children.

I really have a hard time understanding why Border Patrol squads aren't standing by at these events. If you aren't here legally do you have the right to protest? Isn't that a right of a...CITIZEN?

I mean if they want to surround the US consulate in Mexico City, hey, bring it on, but ILLEGAL aliens protesting on this soil which is sacred to me is about as bad as it gets.

I'm going to place a challenge to our resident troll (you know who you are). Why don't you take every homeless person in the city of Chicago into your apartment? And please explain to me the difference please. Do we not have the right and obligation to control our borders?

This is a serious question, shall we take every single person in the world who would like to come here illegally? Or even legally. What do we do? The best choice to me seems like shutting the whole deal down for a couple of years to have a breathing space in which to try to fix the problems.

Build a wall, militarize both borders, make the fines for hiring illegals stiff enough that businesses will not consider breaking the law "the price of doing business."

Oh, and jack-ass protesters. You'd get farther if you waved an AMERICAN flag you idiot asshats! When I see you wave a Mexican flag I have a visceral reaction which is summed up quite simply...




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