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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Like A %&$# Rug!

I was reading this.

Economists Disagree on Immigrant Employment Puzzle
I want to focus on one paragraph of this tripe...

Small town meat-packing plants, once staffed with unionized Americans, have become primarily immigrant workplaces, Card said. The shift probably occurred as Americans finishing high school in small towns where meat-packing is the only option moved to find better jobs in cities. American workers in that position have an advantage over immigrants with little education and no English ability.
Here's the problem with our media in a nutshell. This guys lying through his ever-lovin' teeth and he knows most of us don't know any better. Or he's an ignorant cad, I don't know which is worse. Mind you this is Fox News, I'm not a huge fan myself (not having a TV aside).

Small town meat packing plants imported cheap illegal immigrant labor to bust the unions with the government's blessing, a historical fact.

In Roy Beck's "The Case Against Immigration" he details the story. (pp 105-114)

I'll paraphrase, please feel free to read it for yourself.

In 1960 a new meatpacking conglomerate was born. IBP (Iowa Beef Processors) which hoped to take over the industry. They started off well enough, the business as it stood at that time was inefficient. The cow was slaughtered in one place, then moved to another location to be split, and finally to a town butcher to finish.

IBP was the first company to centralize the process. So far so good, by making things more efficient they were able to reduce the number of employees and improve the bottom line. And then it went to far. They began to move the plants to locales where wages were traditionally depressed. In these new locations they were unable to find enough local help and most Americans didn't want to work for their new and improved (read: sucky) wages.

So they did what any rapacious robber baron would do, they started importing illegal aliens. Honest businesses that refused to break the law, such as the Hygrade plant in Storm County Kansas went out of business. First rule of a "free" market, it must also be a "fair" market.

Meatpacking was simply one of the best blue collar jobs you could do for over fifty years, the second after illegal immigration hit it's stride, poof, those jobs were gone. People stood in line for these jobs, it was an American family tradition, but no more. And as a blue collar guy I assure you there are people that would love to do these jobs if they could merely earn a decent living.

But I suppose they were jobs most Americans refuse to do?

If you've never read any books on the subject of ILLEGAL immigration I have couple of recommendations..

The Case Against Immigration, Roy Beck
Unguarded gates, Otis Graham
Illegals, Jon Dougherty

Take the time to read one or two of these. You won't believe what the media hasn't been telling you.

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