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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Celebrating Sharon's Failing Health

"We say it frankly that God is great and is able to exact revenge on this butcher. ... We thank God for this gift he presented to us on this new year," Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Syrian-backed faction Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, a small radical group, told the Associated Press.
Entire article is here.

I blogged on this group just last week. Read it.

The PFLP-GC gained notoriety with a string of bloody incidents since it was formed in 1968: It has hijacked an Israeli airliner, machine-gunned another at Zurich's airport, and blown up a Tel Aviv-bound Swissair plane, killing all 47 aboard.

In one of its spectacular attacks on Israel, a PFLP-GC fighter on a hang-glider flew into northern Israel in 1987 and killed six soldiers before being shot dead.
All I can say is that, even given the long-standing and heated conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelites, a little grace and civility would go a long way.

Don't worry. I'm not holding my breath.



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