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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Note The Omission...

Source: news14charlotte
Latinos call for end to violence
Something is missing from the following article. See if you can figure out what that might be.
CHARLOTTE -- Latino leaders say they are seeing an increase in violence against members of the Charlotte Hispanic community.

Matilde Amaya, is treating wounds to his face, knee and back after an attack in front of a convenience store. A police report shows suspects robbed Amaya of his wallet, cell phone and immigration papers following a minor car accident.

"More and more crimes are being committed around our community,” said Maudia Melendez of Jesus Ministry. “Only just three weeks ago, a Salvadorian young man was gunned down."

Melendez thinks ever since the debate on immigration reform picked up, crime on Latinos went up as well.

“They have been vandalized. They have been killed. They have been robbed. They have been violated in every form of the word," she said.

Melendez says the community won't rest until this issue goes away.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is still investigating the attack against Amaya.
Anybody, I have a handful of adhesive teacher's stars here. Do I have any winners?

How about who the perpetrators might be. If you follow along with this blog then you would be well aware that most crime in the Latino community (whatever the hell that might be) is perpetrated by Latinos against Latinos.

This has the indefinable stench of a pro-illegal immigration push piece written all over it. Sure, mean old America's nefarious plan to end illegal immigration caused this young invader to be beaten up when? After a minor traffic accident, who caused the accident? If our young invader, was he drunk? Lord knows drunk driving would be a shock from one of our friendly invaders, but still, it is a possibility.

The bit about the Salvadoran being gunned down reads like a non-sequitor. How exactly does this have bearing on this story? Was he gunned down by a group of hooded men on horseback grasping pitch tar torches with the faint strains of deliverance plinking in the background? Or was he a drug dealer who's deal went bad? We'll probably never know.

But do you find it as curious as I do that the media source is this incurious? You might be forgiven for thinking they held some sort of pro-illegal immigration bias, nah, too crazy, right?

As to the community "not resting?" Here's a thought, if the community in question are illegal aliens, why don't they rest in their home countries? I hear the weather is just fine this time of year.

I'm going to attempt to contact some at the newspaper. Will update if there's anything interesting to report.

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