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Monday, October 02, 2006

I Been Sayin' It

Source: reconquista

Sir Henry Morgan at the Reconquista blog knew he was well informed...
I read the Guardian from front to back almost every day from early 1982 until the Spring just gone. I also listened to BBC Radio 4 – to the virtual exclusion of all else, including television – every day for those same years. Every day I listened to one of Today, World at One, PM, Six o-Clock News, News at Ten, News at Midnight, and occasionally all six. I must be well-informed, I convinced myself, because these are two of the world’s premier media organisations; if there was anything to report, they would have reported it.
But lingering doubts remained...
A question I’ve asked myself for a considerable time now is: is Islam waging war on the rest of the world? I read the same stories in the media that everyone else read, and apart from a few truly spectacular terrorist events that were well reported, and put down to the actions of “extremists”: nothing much. But I kept having that feeling, so I began to wonder if perhaps I was just paranoid.
He took a bold step...
Then, a little under six months ago, I bought a computer …
Read what happened

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