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Monday, October 02, 2006

Welcome To America...

Bitch!  Now speak english.

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City sued: Didn't teach cop Spanish
Attorney seeking over $1 million says officer
who assaulted Hispanic couldn't communicate

An attorney for a Hispanic man who was allegedly knocked to the ground and kicked by a police officer is seeking over $1 million dollars for his client, arguing that the city's failure to teach law enforcement officers "fundamental Spanish" is the reason excessive force was used.

According to the suit filed in a Hunt County, Texas, district court on Wednesday, Jose Lopez was assaulted at a football game in 2004 by a Royse City police officer who allegedly knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the knee and face while wearing steel-toed boots.

Dallas attorney Domingo Garcia argues in his filing that the city was negligent for not monitoring and training the unnamed officer – specifically, for not training him to speak Spanish "in order to properly communicate with Spanish-speaking persons."

Garcia, a former Texas legislator, ex-mayor pro tem for the city of Dallas, and national civil rights chairman for the League of United Latin American Citizens, the nation’s oldest Latino civil rights organization, has filed a similar suit against the city of Irving, Texas.

In that suit, Domingo charges that an Irving police officer, who was cleared of all charged associated with the pepper-spraying and baton beating of Jose Palomino, an illegal alien who refused his orders to lay on the ground, was forced to use such tactics because he could not communicate in Spanish.

The plaintiff in the suit said he had been coming to the U.S. to work for 23 years but did not understand what the officer meant when he repeatedly said, "Down! Down! Down!"

"The officer's defense was that he wasn't trained by the Irving police department on how to subdue a suspect without using a baton," Garcia told KILF radio talk-show host Greg Knapp. "And second, that the only phrase he knew in Spanish was, 'Manos aqui'.

"That's why Mr. Palomino was subjected to the beating and the macing," he said. "A police officer, like any public servant or anybody in the private sector, has to cater to the language of the market."

Garcia called Knapp's use of the term "illegal alien" in reference to his client a "racial slur," likening it to "calling people nigger!"
This is how it goes folks.  The changes required to fundamentally change this country into something it's not come disguised as "common sense."

Well, since we have an overwhelming number of illegal aliens here I guess we better all learn Spanish, cuz, gosh, we'd sure hate to inconvenience them.  Which leads inexorably to officers being promoted for Spanish language skills, or an ability to "interface effectively with the invader ringworm community."

Think I'm exaggerating?
HILTON HEAD ISLAND - Employees for Hilton Head Island who know Spanish soon will make an additional $1,200 a year. The program is meant to help workers from emergency crews to building permit officers better communicate with the region's growing Hispanic population. Critics say the program eliminates a reason for immigrants to learn English, with some of the harshest detractors asking why the town is catering to illegal immigrants. But Hilton Head Island officials said the policy is pragmatic. It wouldn't be worth it to have to hire an interpreter for code-enforcement officers needing to tell someone they were cutting down a tree improperly, officials said. Also, emergency workers can't refuse to treat someone who doesn't speak English, and state law requires interpreters in courtrooms, Mayor Tom Peeples said.
It is a slippery slope. The very best thing we can do is remove all illegals, and demand that folks who want to move here learn at least "fundamental english" with which to do their business.

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