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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saul Goes to Washington

Source: Chicago Tribune

The 7-year-old son of a Chicago woman fighting deportation to Mexico traveled to Washington, D.C., Monday, hoping to persuade President George Bush to intervene on the woman's behalf.

Since mid-August, Elvira Arellano has taken refuge in Adalberto United Methodist Church in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, living there with her son, Saul, to avoid deportation.
The way Saul's mother and her open borders buddies use this child makes me want to puke. My heart goes out to him every time I see him being paraded in front of the cameras, tears running down his face. Because it's clear to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that the one person who has put him in this situation is the one person who should have done everything in her power to protect him: his mother.

Saul, a U.S. citizen, is in the nation's capital with members of the Chicago immigration rights group, Centro Sin Fronteras, hoping to deliver a letter to the White House, said Robert Lopez, director of the organization's legal program.

Saul Arellano plans to hold a news conference Tuesday and will then try to deliver the letter to the president, Lopez said."He's requesting a meeting with President Bush and asking for his mother to be allowed to stay here in this country," Lopez said.

Saul Arellano's letter also hopes to make the president aware of the dozens of other children who are losing their parents to deportation, Lopez added.
Yeah. I know when I was 7, I wrote letters to the president and planned news conferences. Puh-leeeeeez. If your open borders cause had any merit and support from most Americans, you wouldn't have to use an innocent 7-year old to play the pity card to try to get your way like, well, a 7-year old.

And here's my favorite slice of propaganda dished out by the Trib in this article. Keep in mind that one of Elvira's favorite phrases is "I'm not a criminal, I'm just a Mom."

In 2002, she was arrested and convicted of working as a cleaning woman at O'Hare International Airport under a false Social Security number.

She had been ordered to surrender to authorities for deportation Aug. 15 but instead took refuge in the church.
Note to bleeding heart "reporter" Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah: I bet that no one in the history of this country has ever been "arrested and convicted of working as a cleaning woman" -- the "under a false Social Security number" part would have sufficed nicely. If you'd been interested in just reporting the facts, that is.

But back to Saul.

This was not Saul Arellano's first cross-country trip on behalf of his mother. Last month, Emma Lozano, the executive director of Centro Sin Fronteras, took him to the National Latino Congress in Los Angeles, hoping to build legal support and media attention.

Centro Sin Fronteras had planned for some time to take Saul Arellano to Washington, hoping to draw the president's attention, Lopez said.
Finally, tucked in at the bottom of the article, we get a glimpse of the underlying truth. Thanks, Elvira. Thanks, Emma Lozano. Thanks, Robert Lopez. Thanks, Centro Sin Fronteras.

Thanks for whisking a 7-year old boy around the country as a media magnet for your political agenda. Thanks for showing the desperation that comes from taking an indefensible position on illegal immigration.

Thanks a million.

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