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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Where We'll Be Tonight

Source: Courier News
CARPENTERSVILLE -- The firestorm surrounding immigration will strike village hall tonight, where trustees are expected to discuss whether a local ordinance aimed at illegal immigrants has merit.

No official vote is expected, but trustees may decide whether to direct staff to further explore the proposed Illegal Alien Immigration Relief Act ordinance, Village Manager Craig Anderson said.

Carpentersville is the first municipality in Illinois to consider an ordinance that would make English its official language, would prohibit anyone from "aiding and abetting" illegal immigrants, and would fine landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. Trustees Paul Humpfer and Judy Sigwalt are proposing the ordinance. *Snip*

Humpfer said he has received an "overwhelming" amount of support.

"I am getting voice mails, e-mails, phone calls from a lot of residents -- probably more than I've ever received in total from our residents -- and people are overwhelmingly behind us," Humpfer said, adding that neighboring village officials have contacted him as well. *snip*

Carpentersville officials are expecting a large turnout, with some people traveling from Chicago on buses as well as members of the Illinois Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, and police will be undertaking crowd control, he said.
Should be lively! And that's just how we like things here at FF. We have also learned that we should be seeing our retarded socialist/communist brethren tonight at the event. Hopefully we'll have some FF coverage of this event up later tonight.

We have attended several events recently that we haven't posted on for two reasons, the first is we've learned the hard way that if someone hits our camera it screws up the mini-disk making it unusable, I'm sure you can imagine that that was some footage we really wanted to share and we're still trying to see if there's a way to download bypassing the disk.

The other reason is that for the most part most of the things we've attended for the last couple of months have just been kind of boring. So fingers crossed that tonight's event is a bit more lively.

As I've been saying lately, this looks like the real solution to our problems on the illegal immigration front.  And I'm pleased as punch that a locality this close to Chicago is looking at a Hazelton style ordinance.

As always, please keep us in your prayers.

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