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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Firefox 2.0 + Diigo


I just upgraded to Firefox 2.0 this afternoon. A smoother, more pleasant upgrade experience I cannot imagine, however, it wasn't until several hours later that I realized my Diigo toolbar was gone. If you are one of the 13 people using this combination you need to know that Diigo is not supported by Firefox 2.0.

Seeing as I have several hundred links in Diigo for a book we're working on I'm sure you can imagine it took me several minutes to pry my tongue from my throat and with fingers crossed look for a solution. Luckily I found one. A Diigolet is an uninstalled version that gives you most of the tools of the full blown Diigo but it acts independently of your browser, hence I can use it with Firefox 2.0.

To all 13 of you, your welcome!

Ok, a couple of readers alerted me to the fact that there is indeed an upgrade. I was foolishly looking on the Diigo site, however, it's actually located on the Mozilla Firefox site.

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