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Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Freedom Folks Video

We covered both the "Gran Estupido Marches" held here in Chicago this summer. Yes, we had big marches too. I finally got the video up on Youtube. It actually wasn't laziness, for once, that kept me from posting it. We were approached by Hot Air to do local video coverage here in Chicago but it seems they're not doing much with local coverage. Unless I've missed something they've only had a small handful of locally produced stuff, we contributed two. Our only real complaint was that we would send them an email and then not hear anything back in a reasonable amount of time that would allow us to do anything else with the video. News of course comes with a shelf life before it becomes olds.

So we will be posting all video on our Freedom Folks youtube channel that we amassed this summer and we are going to try to bring you great local, and maybe national coverage of illegal immigration, Jihad in America, and whatever other issues catch our eye or perhaps that you ask us to keep an eye on.

Anywhoo, here are three new vids from last summers Gran Marches...

May 1 Are You Ready To Rumble Part 1

May 1 Gran Estupido Marches Part 2

May 1 The Afterparty Part 3

each one focuses on a different segment of the day, it was a loooong, chilly day with many Starbucks ciders for Jake.

Part 1 focuses on where the march started and the insane amounts of preparation that went into this 'spontaneous uprising."

Part 2 focuses on the march itself from my perch on a bridge over the Chicago River, in this part I just wanted to communicate two things, the sheer size of this mother and the threatening nature of the signage, of course the disrespected American flags were to be expected I suppose.

Part 3 focuses on the political rally held in Grant Park afterward where every politician in Chicago and Illinois whose any-damn-body was there to fellate illegal immigrants.

Our original blog coverage here and here

I hope you enjoy these, I'm currently finishing up our coverage of the "21st Century Paul Revere Ride" here in Shytown with Frosty Woolridge and the Freedom Run memorial.

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