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Thursday, November 16, 2006

It Just Keeps Spreading!

Nevada town bans immigrant benefits

PAHRUMP, Nev. - Elected officials in this southern Nevada town have adopted an ordinance declaring English the official language, restricting the display of foreign flags and denying town benefits to illegal immigrants.

It’s Official: English Is Taneytown’s Language

Taneytown, MD English is now the official language of this central Maryland town of 5,000, after the Taneytown City Council approved a nonbinding resolution, deciding against a charter that had drawn complaints from civil rights groups and residents.

Escondido responds to efforts to block rental ban

ESCONDIDO — Arguing that a housing ordinance barring landlords from renting to illegal immigrants is constitutional and does not conflict with federal and state laws, Escondido’s legal defense team on Monday asked a federal judge to dismiss civil rights groups’ request to prevent the measure from taking effect later this week.

FB moves against illegal immigrants

Farmers Branch on Monday adopted strict measures against illegal immigrants, requiring apartment renters to provide proof of citizenship or residency and making English the city’s official language.

H/T immigration watchdog

Immigration Issues Flare Up in Downtown Forum

YAKIMA, Wash. - Immigration issues have been a heated topic for discussion in our area. The people of Yakima joined politicians, community activists and immigration experts, in a town hall meeting on Tuesday night, which will be aired on Thursday by the local public access television station. It's hard to cover all the issues in just a couple of hours, but the town hall discussion covered issues such as the economic impact, the human impact and background information on the immigration debate.

Ga. County Considers Fining Landlords

Commissioners in a suburban Atlanta county are considering fining landlords who rent to illegal immigrants, saying the immigrants strain the schools and other local resources. The proposal would require property owners to prove their tenants live in Cherokee County legally.

Workers On Leave Over Soc. Sec.Mismatches

Nov. 14 - Seven workers at a San Jose manufacturing plant were placed on unpaid leave in what could be the first example of a U.S. company following a pending homeland security proposal to prevent the employment of illegal immigrants.

fined for hiring illegal immigrants

U.S. Senior District Judge Wesley Brown sentenced two officers of a Wichita company to probation Monday for hiring illegal immigrants. Brown also assessed fines totaling $210,000 to Bob Eisel Powder Coatings, its owner and its general manager. In giving Bob Eisel and Kenric "Butch" Steinert three years' probation,

Texas Lawmakers Begin To File Bills

(November 13, 2006)--The Texas of the future could be tougher on illegal immigrants, sexual predators and women seeking abortions. Bills for those purposes have been filed Monday in Austin.

Immigration Reform a Winning Issue in Minnesota Elections

"Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, however, has steadily maintained a law enforcement perspective on immigration, as has Second District Congressman John Kline.

Pro-Illegal Immigration County Official: Minutemen Have Won Day Labor Fight

Gaithersburg City Manager David B. Humpton conceded defeat to the Minutemen and community opposition for a taxpayer funded hiring hall for illegal aliens in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

I don't do this much, but I wanted you to see that you are having an effect. That your passion for this issue is making a difference. That the hours you have spent holding a sign or making phone calls was not in vain.

But as you well know the fight is far from over. Now we need to redouble our efforts to get this issue on front of the American people. In a way that's all we have to do, break through the wall of silence imposed by the MSM, and the American people will take over, as you see from these many articles that merely scratch the surface of the anti-illegal immigration tsunami that is breaking across this land.

How can you help? So glad you asked...

The Minuteman Project (make sure to check and see if there is a local chapter in your area)

(call,call & fax!)

FAIR (call, call & fax, screaming is always optional!)

We're winning here folks, but a battle is never over until it's over. I'm mighty proud of every patriot who's taken the time to stand up for their country!

Thank you!

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