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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ex-Squeeze Me?

Source: ABC
November 14, 2006 SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles officials say they've added security measures following the arrest of a worker on charges that she sold fraudulent state identification cards to illegal immigrants.
Prosecutors charged 28-year-old Julian Marie Sanchez with taking cash in exchange for I-D cards at the South Bend license branch where she worked.

Prosecutors say she would usually charge 100- to 200-dollars, but sometimes as much as 500-dollars for the I-D cards.

Sanchez was released on bond yesterday from St. Joseph County Jail, where she had been held since her arrest last week on bribery charges.

On the courthouse steps, she told supporters that she knows she did wrong, but added, "I did it for my people."
And Hmmmm, who might Miss Sanchez's people be? Inquiring minds want to know.

I feel pretty confident saying that it's not THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

We will not be an actual honest to god country again until people like this are spit on and then chucked over the border at a high velocity. Citizenship is NEVER a right. It can be revoked and in cases like this, where the individual puts loyalty to "Her People" above loyalty to the United States?

See ya bee-yatch, wouldn't want to be ya!

H/T Diggah!

Who sez "Yes, there are agents of foreign governments working within our government agencies. They hold no allegiance to our country and would choose "their people" over Americans."

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